APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – In honor of National Police Week, the Appleton Police Department held a short ceremony to honor those who have died and celebrate the department’s success.

Held at Houdini Plaza from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the event included a brat fry and a children’s bike helmet giveaway. Many other departments such as Kaukauna Police Department and Fox Crossing Police Department joined in on the fun by helping out and engaging with members of the community.

Members of the Appleton Police Department consider public events such as these important, as they help bring the two sides closer.

“Events like this are both important for the community and the police department because it brings the two together and engages the community and the police department,” said Sergent Schroeder. It’s really important to show that we’re all one family in the City of Appleton and that we’re here for each other.”

  • A member of the Appleton Police Department sits down with community members at Houdini Park during the brat fry for National Police Week.
  • Appleton Police Department's Lead Community Service Officer Matt Fillebrown helps fit bike helmets on children. The helmets were given out as an initiative to help keep kids safer while riding bicycles.
  • Brats and burgers being served at Houdini Park in Appleton, Wisconsin during a brat fry for National Police Week

Along with the brat fry, the community was able to get children fitted for new bicycle helmets, ensuring kids’ safety when riding their bikes.

“Every single year, the Appleton Police Department gets a donation for helmets for different ranges of children ranging from one year old all the way up to about nine years old,” said Matt Fillebrown, the Lead Community Service Officer with the Appleton Police Department. “Being the police department, kids’ safety is always on our radar of importance.”

Throughout the week, different events will be occurring in the area. Green Bay Police Department held a short ceremony on Tuesday to celebrate National Police Week.

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