APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – September 3 through September 9 is considered National Crime Prevention Week, and the Appleton Police Department is giving residents a way to do their part in protecting the community.

Officers say that one way residents can be good neighbors is by starting a neighborhood watch program. The simple and quick process keeps everyone within the neighborhood on the lookout for crime in the area.

Local 5 News caught up with the assistant chief for the Appleton Police Department, Todd Freeman, who talked about how beneficial a neighborhood watch group can be.

“It’s just a formal relationship between a neighborhood, large or small, we have them in all sizes,” stated Freeman. “The police department has a contact for that specific geographical neighborhood to communicate crimes that happen in the area.”

Additionally, the Appleton Police Department shares crime prevention tips with the neighborhood watch programs, giving that area the upper hand in preventing crimes.

“It’s certainly a time to highlight it,” added Freeman. “As much as public safety within communities has advanced with technology like doorbell cameras, which are very reasonably priced and very easy to use, there’s really nothing that beats knowing who you’re neighbors are and having regular contact with them.”

To see what neighborhoods in the City of Appleton are already in a neighborhood watch program, you can click here.