APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Appleton Mayor Jake Woodford joined Local 5 and talked about multiple topics including COVID testing demand and the temporary move of the Appleton Public Library.

Woodford discussed the COVID testing site at Kensington Drive, which will be closing on April 22. He said that there are multiple factors in shutting down the location. Federal funding played a role as well as the fact that this location only gets about ten to fifteen tests per day.

There are still other options to get a test, Woodford talked about how he has used the USPS to order a test. Those looking to get a test can still do so online.

City officials will continue to monitor the pandemic, and act accordingly.

The Appleton Public Library is making the move to the old Best Buy location on Kensington Drive. The plan is for the library to open on May 23. Currently, they are in the process of moving.

The library will be closed until May 23, and old items are up for auction. The items range from couches and chairs to 3D printers. All of the items can be viewed here.