A Fox Cities Restaurant is no longer allowing middle school students unsupervised inside its premises after they say some kids have consistently misbehaved there.

Tom’s Drive-in in Appleton has a sign posted on its door that reads: “Middle School Students – Due to mistreatment of Tom’s Drive In’s property, guests, and staff, you are no longer allowed inside of the building without parental supervision.”

The store’s manager says the mandate was put in place months ago, after attempts of asking the kids to curb their behavior failed. The behavior included vandalism, like a booth that students carved into. The students also made large messes in the restaurant and bathroom, yelled profanities in the restaurant – including at the district manager, fought with customers, stole soda, drew genitalia with Sharpie markers, and tattooed each other with pen ink and needles, leaving bloody napkins behind.

The restaurant says that policing the kids had become a “full-time babysitting job” for the crew during the after school rush. They also told Local 5 they’re not singling out any specific school, and they say it’s unfortunate they had to post the sign as they also had “a lot of good kids coming in”.

Middle school students are still allowed to come in with their parents and purchase food through the walk-up window.

The policy will be in place until at least the end of this school year, after which it may or may not continue.