APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Residents at Primrose Retirement Community in the City of Appleton spent Thursday giving gift cards and other treats to firefighters as part of their random acts of kindness initiative.

Firefighters and first responders out of Station 6 are reportedly the first to respond to medical emergency calls at Primrose, and officials say now is a good time to celebrate them for all they do.

“With the challenges faced in the world today, we can all use some extra kindness, and
kindness from a stranger is something guaranteed to make a person smile,” said Steve Gromala, Executive Director. “Primrose has been participating in Random Acts of Kindness for the past seven years, and this day is a favorite of our residents and staff.”

Each year, Primrose Retirement Communities focuses its attention on those in the community that share a similar kindness with the residents. In 2023, residents and staff chose to show kindness back to the dedicated staff of Appleton Fire Station 6.

“We hope that by doing this random act of kindness, we can encourage others to pay it forward and to show kindness to others in our community,” added Gromala.

The firefighters at Station 8 were very grateful for the surprise, something that Batallion Chief Doug Vrechek will never forget.

“What a fantastic gift to have this,” explained Vrechek. “To feel appreciated with all the things that are going on in this country and in this state and all the bad press and everything, it’s nice to be appreciated for the things that you do.”

Vrechek continued to tell Local 5 News that the gesture made by Primrose Retirement Community was exceptional, especially with the weather conditions on Thursday.