APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Around 30-40 students walked out of Kaleidoscope Academy this morning over alleged misconduct involving a faculty member.

The incident reportedly happened at an after-school event on Friday, Oct. 1. Students accused the staff member of taking pictures of them and touching them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.

“She (my daughter) was crying, very visibly upset, and there was probably 10 or 12 girls that I saw crying from the time I arrived at the school to the time I left,” says Kaleidoscope Academy parent Holly Wells about what she saw when she picked up her daughter from the school dance on Friday night.

In the email that was sent to a parent, The Appleton School District says it has completed its investigation into the incident. The investigation found that the claim was ‘not substantiated.’

It was also mentioned that the Appleton Police Department was involved in the investigation.

Local Five spoke to Appleton Police Monday and they told us they reviewed a school district video of the incident and that’s how they concluded the claim was not substantiated. There were Appleton police cars, a firetruck, and an ambulance at the school on Monday morning.

Appleton police did release this statement on their Twitter page:

“The Appleton Police Department in conjunction with the Appleton Area School District investigated and cleared an incident that occurred on Friday at an after-school event at Kaleidoscope Academy. The family involved in the incident was involved in the investigation and no further action will be taken on the matter. No additional incidents have been reported at this time to the Appleton Police Department. No further information will be released at this time.”

-Appleton Police Statement

Some students at Kaleidoscope Academy still felt like a walkout was necessary.

“I felt like this was something to stand up for myself and other girls,” says Kaleidoscope Academy student Quincey Villaneuva.

She tells Local Five that students organized the walkout on Snapchat and they began the walkout at 8:30 a.m.

“They are not letting us back into the schools, some of them (the doors) are locked or barricaded by other staff members,” says Villanueva.

Parents told Local Five the school district didn’t notify them about the incident until Monday around noon. If parents wanted to know what had happened before then, they had to reach out to the school themselves.

Kaleidoscope Academy sent out the following email to parents around noon on Monday:

The Appleton Area School District in conjunction with the Appleton Police Department (APD) investigated and cleared an incident that occurred on Friday at an after-school event at Kaleidoscope Academy (KA). The KA principal worked alongside the family, APD, and district leadership to complete the investigation and we found that the claim was not substantiated. During the school day there was a small group of students who left the school building to protest. Administration worked with these individual students and families. Student services staff are on site at Kaleidoscope Academy to assist students, as needed.

Alexandra Molitor Kaleidoscope Academy Principal

At least one parent of a student who participated in the walkout said the school district did not work with the parents at all.

Local Five reached out to Appleton Area School District for comment, but they referred us back to the statement from Appleton police.