APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – One local museum is flying high after welcoming regulars back to their facility.

The Appleton Historical Society Museum closed its doors in December due to damage, the museum says they were shocked when their building began to leak.  
“The day after Christmas our president came in and he heard a weird sound and unfortunately when he came into this room, the whole ceiling had come down in this room,” said Gwen Sargeant Vice President of Appleton’s Historical Society.  

After repairing water damage, the Appleton Historical Society Museum is reopening. Sargeant says the facility’s damage could have been worse.  

“We were incredibly lucky because none of the maps on the wall were damaged, but the entire ceiling was down because there was so much water from the upstairs that had impacted this room,” said Sargeant.  

 The repairs cost the museum more than 15,000 to fix. Former pilots say it is money well spent.  

“We call it an aviation bug that bites you and it is incurable, I like all kinds of aviation general aviation which is private flying,” stated Ron Rasmussen former Air Wisconsin pilot. 

 Air Wisconsin historian Steve Kuepper says he is thankful to be back in the business. 

 “I’m just happy that everything is displayed finally, everything was downstairs in my airplane room and I’m just happy to get it out and display it for everyone,” said Kuepper. 

The museum welcomes donations.