With Christmas being six days away, one Ashwaubenon boy decided that instead of making a list of his wishes for Santa, he wanted to be Santa for local kids in need.

A plethora of playthings perched on Howe Community Resource Center tables await pick-up.

They happen to be there because of a trip to Chicago.

“I was in Chicago and I saw all the homeless and I’m like, is there any way I could help besides giving money,” says Jack Helland. “So I kept trying to sell things so I could help them, but it just didn’t work.”

Jack wanted to help the less fortunate in his own community.

Fast forward and he and his parents found Howe Elementary School, a school with a heavy population of kids in need.

Jack’s father Kyle, who works for Fleet Farm, got the company to donate three pallets of toys, enough to give every kid at Howe a present.

“Really he’s the one that drove this and came up with the idea and got us involved and Howe School,” says Kyle. “We’re just really proud of him and the compassion that he showed for people.”

Jack plans to continue his work with the school and volunteer with a Howe first grade class.

“I was thrilled I mean ever since he was a young boy we started by ringing bells for Salvation Army,” says Angie Helland. “He always has the will to help those that are less fortunate.”

And with the help of his parents this young Santa is raising money to fund other causes he’s passionate about.

“Some kids aren’t as fortunate as I am and I just want to make sure other kids feel the same way I do,” says Jack. “So that was why I wanted to help.”