A family on a farm paid $ 5,000 to a company who showed up on at their door, told the family they had extra materials and would pave their driveway for a good price.

A week later the asphalt driveway resembled gravel more than it did asphalt and it left Connie Wheeler feeling bad for her mother and step-father who thought they were getting a good deal.

“It just breaks my heart that they think it is OK,” said Wheeler. “They manipulate and say these things to get money and it hurts the hardworking farmers.”

Wheeler says this scam has been geared towards elderly people who live in rural areas and on farms where long gravel driveways are common.

Wheeler showed Local 5 copy of the contract that the family says was given to the family after the job was completed, the contract was from Crushed Base and Gravel Hauling out of Wisconsin Dells and when Local 5 tried to call the number, it was disconnected.

There have been other examples of this happening in Seymour, Pulaski and in Freedom and Connie Wheeler reported this to the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection.

The DATCP asks people who experience this type of scam to contact law enforcement and to file a complaint on their website or call (800)422-7128 and the DATCP says reports help get the word out and assist law enforcement about these scammers.