GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Some of the top leaders throughout the state of Wisconsin were in Green Bay on Tuesday to propose an expansion of community policing programs.

Attorney General Josh Kaul, Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, and Representative Kristina Shelton held a conference that highlighted Green Bay’s successful community policing program as well as funds with the 2023-25’s budget proposal, which could expand the program.

Attorney General Kaul said that expansion is greatly needed to continue to keep the community of Green Bay safe.

“We need to support the work that local governments are doing to make sure that our law enforcement agencies and other critical services have the funding that they need so that they’re adequately staffed, have the equipment that they need so that they can afford the training that they need to ultimately be as effective as possible,” said Kaul.

Kaul continued on to tell Local 5 News that the relationships built by community policing help ensure that when a crisis does happen and information is needed, law enforcement is able to easily get what they need to solve the crime and keep the public safe.

Republican Candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General Eric Toney issued a statement following Kaul’s visit to Green Bay.

Families are suffering under Josh Kaul’s failed leadership as he plays politics with public safety. I recently visited Green Bay with six Sheriffs to address Kaul’s actions of defunding police and prosecutors at the Department of Justice and mismanaging our crime labs during historic violence and drugs in Wisconsin. As the son of a cop and District Attorney, I’m proud to be law enforcement’s choice to be our ‘Top Cop’ with bipartisan endorsements of over 100 sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs, including Brown County’s Sheriff Todd Delain and District Attorney David Lasee. Our cops know my record of standing with our law enforcement, prosecuting crime, and enforcing the rule of law. Law enforcement knows Wisconsin needs a prosecutor and not a politician leading our Department of Justice.

Eric Toney, Candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General

Toney will face Kaul during the November Election on Tuesday, November 8th.