KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WFRV) – A few local schools in the area are resuming in-person learning and that means more school buses will be out on the roads.

Those with Kobussen Buses as well as Menasha Police are reminding the public to get back into the habit of looking out for school buses. Just as there are rules for drivers, there will be a few new rules for students to follow when they board said buses.

With more buses on the road, police are asking drivers to be aware as students will be waiting at stops. Slow down and pay attention- they’ll be flashing their yellow lights, warning drivers the bus will stop. According to wisconsin law, red lights flashing mean you absolutely have to stop- unless it’s a divided highway with a raised median.

As for following distances, those vary depending on speed. Officials recommend allowing at least a few car lengths between you and the bus in front. Doing so will allow more time in the event of breaking.

“We’ve been spoiled this winter so far but as storms are coming it’s even more important as snow and ice build up to watch around snow banks,” says Nick Oleszak, Community Liason Officer with the City of Menasha Police Department. “Unexpected stops by school buses and unexpected encroachments by kids coming out into the road.”

Police are also reminding the public to not text and drive. It is against the law in the state of Wisconsin.