SATURDAY 1/8/2022 3:55 p.m.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- Brown County deputies have confirmed several people were successfully rescued from a large chunk of ice that had broken from the shoreline of Point Comfort in the Bay of Green Bay.

According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, on Saturday, at around 10:17 a.m., officials received a report that a large chunk of ice broke from the shoreline and that there were at least 27 people stranded on it.

Deputies with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office along with officials from New Franken Fire Department, Green Bay Fire Department, Wisconsin DNR, and the U.S. Coast Guard all responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, these agencies reportedly worked together to allocate the necessary resources of which included two airboats, so that by 12 p.m. all the people stranded on the floating ice had been safely rescued.

Deputies say that by the end of the rescue the floating ice was approximately a mile from shore and had floated approximately three-quarters of a mile during the rescue operation adding that although the chunk of ice remained fairly stable its condition was deteriorating rapidly cracking up as it moved with the open water pounding at the edge of it.

Authorities confirm that no one was injured during the incident.

Law enforcement believes a barge that had gone through the Bay shortly before the ice breakage may have contributed to the destabilization of the ice.

“People out on the ice are always encouraged to maintain awareness of the potential deterioration in their surroundings and keep a cellphone or some way of communicating with them in case there is a need to call for assistance,” writes the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Original Story: Avoid ice: Over 20 people rescued from ice on Bay of Green Bay

SATURDAY 1/8/2022 1:12 p.m.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- Twenty-seven people were rescued from the ice along the Bay of Green Bay on Saturday, confirmed the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

According to deputies, they along with New Franken Fire Department, Green Bay Metro Fire Department, the Wisconsin DNR, and the Coast Guard, all worked together to rescue 27 people off of the shore of Point Comfort on the Bay of Green Bay.

Authorities believe barge traffic from Friday may have weakened the ice along the east shore of the Bay.

Officials are asking residents to avoid the ice for all recreational uses as it is not safe.