Axes plus ale: Tapped on the Lakeshore brings axe throwing to the area

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It’s the new thing to do and it could be coming to a bar near you.

Axe throwing is becoming more popular at taverns across the country.

You might think mixing alcohol and sharp tools isn’t the safest idea, but one local bar has tapped into a well that won’t soon run dry.

Long gone are the days when axes were the instruments of just lumberjacks.

“Once you’ve dug your first axe and stick it into the wall you’re sold on it,” says Tapped on the Lakeshore’s co-owner Craig Pautz.

After bar co-owner Jolene McMahon experienced axe throwing in Austin, Texas she knew she wanted to bring it back home 1,200 miles north.

But ale plus axes: is that just an accident waiting to happen?

“As far as the drinking, it is a concern, but our staff is very well trained and everybody signs a waiver,” says McMahon. “We always have the right to refuse anybody to throw axes, so safety is our biggest priority.”

The instruction is thorough.

Tapped has 8 instructors like Jason Laurin, at least one that is present when the bar is open.

“We teach them one by one so only one person throws at a time and then once they’re ready to go, we keep those same rules, so the person on the left goes first,” says Laurin.

While you think the insurance would be expensive, it’s fairly reasonable and falls under a lesser used category.

“We actually went through the World Axe Throwing League to retrieve and find out where they have this type of insurance,” says McMahon. “It’s under amusement park as the type of insurance that we have.”

If you want to try your hand at axe throwing while enjoying an adult beverage, Tapped is currently the only bar in our area where you can do both.

You might want to call ahead to schedule a time to throw because their roster fills up pretty fast.

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