GREEN BAY, Wisc., (WFRV) – Local Sheriffs spoke out about the open hostility towards their profession while also expressing thanks for the support they do get, particularly in Northeast Wisconsin.

The “Back the Badge and Building Bridges Town Hall” was Thursday at Green Bay’s Pamperin Park.

It was organized by the non-profit “No Better Friend, Corp.”

“People get into this profession because they want to help others,” Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain tells Local 5 News. “They want to serve. It’s definitely not for the money or the hours.”

He was joined by other Sheriffs from Kewaunee, Oconto, Shawano and Winnebago where Sheriff John Matz says he lost three very good deputies because of the current climate.

“They’re not worried about their life,” Sheriff Matz told the crowd. “They’re worried about their freedom. It’s because they don’t want to be persecuted and prosecuted for just doing their jobs.”

The volunteer president of “No Better Friend” is Marine Veteran and politician Kevin Nicholson. He thinks that by the time the town hall completes its tour through Wisconsin this summer, the message will get out and hopefully reach those who protested in the streets.

He asks supporters of law enforcement to speak up and often. He also asks government officials and politicians to keep quiet about officer-involved shooting cases, in particular, until the investigations are complete.

“My message to people, like Governor Evers, who have jumped out ahead of investigations,” says Nicholson, “is to let the policies and procedures and laws in place play out and enforce accountability before getting ahead of them.”