GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Drivers in Green Bay were just getting over the icy conditions from last week’s snowstorm, but unfortunately, the beginning of the week is not much better.

Brandon Butterfield from Green Bay was filling up his gas at a Kwik Trip on Lombardi Avenue when we asked him about his morning commute. He says, “Today has not been fun. It’s been slippery, slick, and just all around icy and slushy.”

A driver from Allouez, Jeff Stordock, compared last week’s winter storm to today, saying, “It’s worse today than it was last week when we had the big snowstorm. It’s so sloppy and slippery. If I didn’t have to be out there, I wouldn’t.”

Even though both weather events brought bad conditions, today’s rain has posed a unique challenge for snow plowers. Brown County Highway Commissioner Paul Fontecchio tells Local 5 how crews were preparing the night before.

“We were bringing the roading last night and this morning, so we were ahead of it. The trick is to try and keep that bond between the ice and the roads so that bond is broken,” Fontecchio says.

While the morning brought a snowy, rainy mix, it gradually turned to just rain, something Fontecchio says drivers should watch out for.

He explains, “Be careful of the changing conditions. I think that is the biggest thing that could catch people off guard today, for sure.

Fontecchio also says the colder the temperature, the less effective deicing agents, like salt, can be, so brining is the way to go.