Bad Spelling Means New WisDOT Highway Signs for Dyckesville

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Residents in Dyckesville might be having a bit of an identity crisis. Because four new state road signs placed along Highway 57 to identify the town, are all spelled wrong.

If you’ve traveled on Highway 57 near Dyckesville recently and when approaching the signed exit to the town you did a double take, you’re not alone.

“Actually, I thought it was pretty embarrassing,” said one resident.

Yes, the town’s name is misspelled, missing the letter “c” in not just one, but two, three and four new highway signs.

“When I saw it, I didn’t know who to call or what to do, but I didn’t like it. Because I want to see the “c” in it,” said Pat Vandenhouten, who lives in Dyckesville.

According to a WisDOT spokesperson, these signs placed in February, were electronically designed by a contractor who initially spelled Dyckesville wrong. And then in final review by the state agency the mistake was missed again.  After they went up, Dyckesville’s 500 plus residents took notice.

“Well, it’s a spelling error and it should be corrected. And if it’s the state that fixes it, I wish they’d get it taken care of,” said Larry Burnette, a town resident.

“I think they should definitely change the signs. I was told the state was called a month ago and I have not seen nothing yet,” said Eric Vandenhouten, owner of Van’s Lumber and Custom Builders. 

“We are aware there was an issue with the recently placed Dyckesville highway signs and when we found that out, the Department started taking corrective action,” said WisDOT spokesperson David Hunt.

Hunt says while mistakes like this are rare in the agency, they do happen.

“The new signs are being manufactured as we speak and we hope to have those in place sooner than later. Hopefully in the end, this can also be a learning experience for the Department,” Hunt said.

The WisDOT spokesperson said the state is sorry for the error and expects new signs to be in place by mid-April.

Those signs are on both the northbound and southbound lanes of Highway 57 near Dyckesville.

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