OMRO, Wis. (WFRV) – A group of 12 balloon artists from around the United States gathered in Omro to create a life-sized fire truck out of balloons.

Artists began working on the project on Monday, where they made the truck and other minor details. On Wednesday, the group unveiled the finished product inside the Omro Fire Department.

“It uses about 5,000 balloons. We’re using round balloons, long balloons, and all types of shapes. Mainly just to create our own way of an art form,” said Head Twisticologist Robbie Furman.

Inside the fire station, the community was able to see the giant fire truck, a firefighter holding an American flag, and a dog next to a fire hydrant.

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“It’s a unique opportunity to do a big build like this. A lot of us don’t do as many large builds so I’ve got 22 employees in the area that do balloons and this is a great opportunity for them to come out and learn a little,” said Jake Eggert, Owner of Mischief & Magic in Green Bay. “None of us are paid, we’re all volunteering to be here. It’s kind of fun as balloon artists because we haven’t had the chance to build something like this.”

The project in total took around 30 hours to complete.