GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Bay Beach Amusement Park introduced its newest ride, the Nebulaz, on Saturday.

James Charmelo traveled more than 200 miles to ride the new attraction, “I’m from the Chicago area so yeah, I could’ve been at any theme park in the world today, but I came here to Bay Beach,” said Charmelo. “It’s a little ride but you feel it.”

People are saying that they enjoy riding the Nebulaz. 

“Every time we went backward, my heart felt like it was going to drop, but I really liked it,” stated Hope Schultz. 

“The thing I liked about it is when we went backward it felt like you did not know what was happening and I was nervous, but it was really fun,” explained Mya Seymour. 

Bay Beach Park Manager Jason Arnoldi says the park takes pride in adding attractions for people of all ages. 

“When we’re looking for new rides, we’re looking for things that the whole family can go on and it’s a thrill ride but it’s not over the top, so it’s something everyone can enjoy and I think it’s a really great addition to the park. It really fits into what we do out here,” explained Arnoldi. 

Charmelo says he plans to return to Bay Beach with friends. 

“I was actually the first public person in line, and I’ve never had something like that happen and I’m sure I’ve got some friends who will probably be here in the next few weeks,” said Charmelo. 

The Bay Beach Amusement Park plans to bring more attractions to the park at a later date.