Bear Paw Scout Camp Assessing Damage After Partial Building Collapse

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Bear Paw Scout Camp Damage

The large snowfall Northeast Wisconsin has received this winter is continuing to inflict damage. At Bear Paw Scout Camp near the town of Mountain, camp officials are assessing the damage after a storage building partially collapsed last Thursday due to heavy snow accumulation on its roof. Thankfully, no one was inside at the time.

Camp officials were alerted when a volunteer heard noise as he passed by the building. They grabbed a drone camera to film the impending collapse.

“He identified that there was some noise and sound coming from the building, that something was happening,” said Andy Anderson, the camp’s director. “By the time we got up there and looked at it, it was only about 45 minutes later when the structure collapsed.”

The building, which was built in the 1940’s, is used during the winter to store summer equipment like kayaks and camping gear. Anderson says 2/3 of the building is still standing, and that portion is in good shape.

“The engineer this morning took a look at it,” Anderson said Friday, “and his preliminary assessment was, the remaining structure looks sound, and it will withstand the rest of the winter season.”

Camp officials will now move all of the equipment to a temporary location while they determine if they are going to repair or outright replace the building.

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