(WFRV) – A recent study revealed that the love Wisconsinites have for beer is enough for them to say ‘heck with the scale, hand me another one.’

A recent study, conducted by the American Addiction Centers, revealed that the average Wisconsinite is prepared to gain 14 pounds just so they can continue drinking.

Now, this may seem like a lot of weight, but actually, this is just one pound more than most people across the country would be okay with gaining.

According to the study, Americans would be prepared to accept an extra 13 pounds of body weight if it meant they could pick up the drink one more time.

Taking this into consideration, there are a few states that seem a bit more health conscious ranking well below the national average.

The study found that the average resident in Hawaii, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont vouched that they would only be comfortable with gaining eight pounds due to alcoholic beverages.

Vastly outweighing – no pun intended- these states is Rhode Island. According to the study, Rhode Islanders are willing to gain 28 pounds of body weight.

And following closely behind Rhode Island is Wyoming with the average resident prepared to gain 23 pounds of weight for the boozy beverage.

In addition, the study may have also stumbled upon the reason why beer and weight gain seem to go hand-in-hand.

Apparently, over half of the respondents believe ‘alcohol calories’ are different from ‘regular calories’ making these individuals more prone to keep chugging.

And this blissful ignorance seems to extend beyond calorie amounts. According to the study, 58 percent of people admitted they don’t even take note of studies linking alcohol to health problems.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, you can contact the alcohol treatment resource center online or call them at 866-678-4354.