BRUSSELS, Wis. (WFRV)- The Belgian Heritage Center served Booyah and Bread in their attempt to raise funds. 

Chef Kevin Moore has made booyah for the Belgian Heritage Center for more than 12 years and says he takes pride in serving his community.  
“Well, what we would say is that Campbell’s makes soup Belgians make Booyah today we made about 60 gallons, so I start the process at about 5:30 we started serving at 11 o ‘ clock, making it in large volumes takes some time, and today we will serve about 500 people,” said Moore. 
Allen Tlachac is one of the 500 hundred enjoying a meal that means so much to his community. Tlachac says the event provides the best Booyah in the area. 

“Oh, excellent they have the best booyah around at this fundraiser it is delicious, the bread is good everything is good,” stated Tlachac. 

The funds raised from the event will benefit the Belgian Heritage Center. Chairperson for the center Joe Alexander says the event allows the community to fellowship with a purpose.  

“People enjoy the food so they come here to talk and see each other, and for us, it’s our first fundraiser of the year,” Joe Alexander chairperson Belgian Heritage Center.  

Chef Moore says Booyah is known for bringing the community together and while sharing is caring he decided not to share the recipe. 

“Each person that makes it has their own little secret and we have a secret with our booyah that we keep tight to the chest, and we don’t share,” explained Moore. 

The Belgian Heritage Center will officially open in May.