GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Doctors in northeast Wisconsin say that the healthcare industry is not at full strength, and they’re aiming to solve that issue.

Bellin Health Medical Doctor Brad Burmeiser says that the need for more healthcare workers is crucial to treating every patient that walks through the door.

“Well, pretty much everywhere nationally right now, there’s a strong demand for healthcare workers,” said Burmeiser.

Without the proper staff, patients may have to get used to waiting longer in the emergency room if they cannot meet hiring demands.

“We know that emergency doctor visits are expected to climb at least 2% annually, so we need to grow and develop our healthcare staff to align with that demand that we currently have and what’s expected in the future,” stated Burmeiser. 

That is why Bellin Hospital is holding a hiring event for emergency room staff. Burmeiser says allowing applicants to meet emergency room staff will encourage them to fill empty positions. 

“The emergency department is somewhere that’s not surprisingly can be stressful, but working with great team members who have a good spirit and are genuinely happy people makes it a lot easier,” said Burmeiser.

The goal of the hiring event is not only to bring more staff members on board but also to show them what working in an emergency room is all about, keeping a smile the entire way through.

“We wanted to bring people into our hospital and into our healthcare system to show them the great people that we work with and the great culture that we have here at Bellin Health,” stated Burmeiser.

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