APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Students attending Highlands-Odyssey Elementary are betting on themselves for a noble cause.

The students bet their teacher Brian Tibbets that they could raise $500 for the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, and if they did Tibbets would have to sing on the roof of the school in front of everyone. 

“He said that if we did raise the money, he would do something super embarrassing. So we came up with him dancing on the roof and singing to a song in a costume and it would make it better if it were in a banana costume,” said student Abigail Lins. 

The students raised the funds by face painting at school events.  

“We set a goal for $500, and we reached that goal after the fun run this year,” explained student Stella Konkle. 

“The money that we were raising is for the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital and we did face paintings for two things; the fun run and the tough kid challenge,” said student Nate McGinn.   

Tibbets has taught for 20 years and says he is proud to see his students be considerate of others.  

“We preach being good citizens it is actually a part of the social studies standard for Wisconsin and we preach it and they are living it, so it makes me feel fantastic,” stated Tibbets.

The students say they plan to make even more teachers sing. 

“Kids you know if you have an idea, you can just pursue it, you don’t need to think of all the facts it’s just there for grabs and then we worked hard and got it there,” stated Lins. 

The students will present a check to the hospital at a later date.