(WFRV) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning Wisconsin residents of a new scheme scammers are deploying to gain access to people’s bank accounts and personal information.

According to the BBB, scammers are now impersonating the US Customs and Border Protection. The scammers are contacting residents while posing as agents and claiming to have intercepted a package addressed to them and requesting personal information to send it back to them.

Officials say that this scheme can also take shape in various forms including scammers claiming to be associated with US Customs and Border Protection and claiming to have intercepted a package containing a massive sweepstakes prize. The scammers then tell the resident that in order to receive the winnings, they need to pay a large shipment fee.

BBB notes that residents can protect themselves from these latest scam tactics by never giving out personal information to unsolicited calls, texts, or emails. They are also asking residents not to trust when a person gives you a name or badge number. They say the best course of action is to ignore the call, text, or email attempting to use US Customs and Border Protection as an alias.

Officials remind all residents that government agencies typically reach out by mail, so residents receiving communication on all other platforms should take caution.