APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – With the Super Bowl just a few days away, grocery stores are seeing an influx of customers trying to buy food for their Super Bowl night parties.

David Felten was at Woodman’s Food Market in Appleton buying some healthy snacks for a very important Super Bowl party.

“Veterans stay together, they stick together and their families are used to that culture, so it’s a lot better socializing with us than being by yourself,” said Felten.

Felten works for the Disabled American Veterans Department of Wisconsin and is planning a Super Bowl party for local veterans.

He said all veterans are welcome to the event which is on Sunday at 4715 Sherman Road in Oshkosh off of County Highway A. To contact the organizers of the event, click here.

“You don’t feel alone and then you get a better identity like you did in the military and you get a new mission like you had when you were in the military, so you’re going to be right up there like when you were up in the military,” said Felten.

Throughout Super Bowl week, Not By Bread Alone in Green Bay is doing a fundraiser where they will donate 50 percent of their proceeds from their soups to the NEW Community Shelter.

Back in Appleton, Simple Simon Bakery employees say that Super Bowl week is busy for them as well especially since Valentine’s Day is also next week. They have several football-themed pastries including cookies. They said that buns are a hot-ticket item at their bakery because people want to grill this weekend since it’ll be nice outside.