Bill introduced to crack down on animal abusers in wake of Sterling Rachwal case

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The case of horse abuser Sterling Rachwal, who was sentenced to two years probation earlier this month, has drawn attention to the issue of animal abuse across the state.

Representative Andre Jacque, (R) De Pere, is working to push legislation that would bring consequences to those who abuse animals.

Rep. Jacque says we need something to fix this problem, not just talk about it.

“This legislation allows for the seizure of the abused animal to get them care, to get them out of the control of an abuser. Again, it has those restrictions, because we do know of the connection between animal abuse and sexual abuse of children,” he said.

If enacted, the bill would make sexually abusing animals a felony.

It would also prohibit abusers from participating in certain programs such as foster care programs and driving buses.

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