GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – You may have seen them around town last summer: bird scooters and now e-bikes are making their debut in Green Bay.

Stephanie Hummel, a Green Bay City Planner said, “Bird is run through an app and the app is just for anyone to be able to download and on there will be the operational zone which is everywhere you’re allowed to use it in the city of Green Bay.”

The scooters will stop working as you enter the edge of the city to keep people from using them in a prohibited zone.

“There is GPS tracking directly on this model of the scooter, the Bird 3’s so they will be able to track where you are going and to tell you at that point then if you’ve left the operational zone,” said Hummel.

Getting on a Bird Scooter is easy, all you need is the app, your driver’s license, and a working credit card.

Isiah Klezeka, a scooter user in Green Bay said, “I like them, they go pretty fast. More fun to do than get around.”

Ryan Fournier, another scooter user in Green Bay said, “I think a lot of people will love them. They’ll probably be here forever too. I don’t see them leaving.”

There are concerns about the scooter’s safety when it comes to speed and where people ride them. In the downtown area, they have to be used on the road or in a bike lane. Helmets are another concern.

“It is very important for everyone to wear helmets. It is not required in the state of Wisconsin but it is very important for your safety,” said Hummel. “Helmets keep everyone protected especially if these are going to be used on the road because you are competing against cars and they will win so a helmet is definitely what you should be wearing.”

The scooters will be out from now until the snow starts this winter.