SISTER BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Door County community’s fight to save a historic building has a happy ending.

For longtime residents of Sister Bay, the village hall building is much more than a stone building next to the bay.

“The village hall is really the heart of the community, it’s a place that we have all gathered throughout our whole lives,” said Patrice Champeau who has lived in Sister Bay for over 60 years.

“This building matters not only to the residents of Sister Bay, it matters to residents in surrounding villages, it matters to those who were raised in Sister Bay, and it also matters to thousands of tourists that come to Sister Bay,” said Nancy Akerly.

The village hall was built in 1941 and is in need of some repairs.

The village board and various village committees had considered the option of tearing it down.

“I was just sick, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Champeau. “I haven’t talked to one village resident that was for tearing it down, they just shake their head and say what no.”

Champeau, Akerly and other Sister Bay residents went to battle for their village hall. Nearly 1,000 people signed an online petition and dozens of people showed up at village board meetings to make their case for restoring and retaining the village hall.

Their passion helped to sway the vote of village board members who voted unanimously to retain and restore the village hall and create a committee that will make decisions pertaining to the village hall in the future.

“So much of the citizenry were in support of this that it seemed sensible to say okay let’s work together as we are now going to,” said village board president Rob Zoschke.

Zoschke said the village board has set aside about $100,000 for the repair and restoration of the city hall building.