GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Bosse’s News & Tobacco is one of the oldest and largest newsstands in the State of Wisconsin.

The store began in 1898 and has only grown in popularity over the years, but after more than 100 years downtown, the store is forced to move. The question remains; where?

“Our main products are newspapers, magazines, books, maps, cigars and pipes, and pipe tobacco,” said manager Lisa Mitchell.

Mitchell was told the longtime downtown shop had to move two months ago.

“I know that newsstands are very hard to find now; they’re very rare. People are very excited to find us when they visit from out-of-town,” added Mitchell.

This will end up being the third move since it opened in 1898. The original location was just down the block at the corner of Adams and Cherry streets. It moved to its current location in the 1980s.

The problem the business faces now is where it will be moving to.

“We just recently found out that they are tearing the building down and that we need to find a new location, which is not easy to do,” Mitchell said.

The plan for the space is a new five-story apartment complex. However, engineers determined the current building would not be able to hold the weight of the additional floors.

“It’s been difficult to find a place and what’s going to be difficult is the move,” said Mitchell.

She is also worried about history repeating itself. “When we moved the first time, a lot of customers didn’t know where we moved,” she said.

She is a third-generation store owner and remains hopeful something will happen in the 11th hour.

“Next year, we will be celebrating our 125th anniversary, and we want to do it by thanking our customers that have been supporting us all these years, but right now, those plans are in limbo because we need to figure out where we’re going to be,” added Mitchell.

Mitchell said she is open to suggestions on where she might be able to move the store. She is also asking customers to leave comments about their memories as it gets ready to celebrate 125 years in 2023.

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