OMRO, Wis. (WFRV) – A 22-year-old man from Omro is facing multiple charges after allegedly killing his girlfriend following a night of drinking.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 5, 22-year-old Joseph Olvera was charged with intentional homicide following the death of his girlfriend Johanna Schultz. On March 11 authorities were sent to the 500 block of Spruce Street in Omro after a man called 911 and said he strangled and killed his girlfriend.

The man who called was later identified as Olvera. The complaint says that Olvera told the communications center that he was wearing a plate carrier and a Kevlar helmet. It was also mentioned that Olvera wanted to come outside with his gun.

Olvera was reportedly seen with a gun that had a laser on it, and he was allegedly pointing the laser at officers. The Bearcat armored vehicle arrived on scene and gunshots were heard not long after.

The complaint says that Olvera had shot out the window, and he communicated that he wasn’t trying to hit the officers but fired the shots because he wanted to officers to stay back.

Just before 4 a.m. Olvera exited the apartment but had a handgun in his right hand. Olvera was seen wearing what looked like an armored plate carrier over his torso. He eventually dropped the gun and took off his plate carrier.

Olvera was taken into custody, and he allegedly made comments about how he had killed his girlfriend and tried CPR on her. Authorities went into the residence and found Schultz.

The residence was described to have items that were overturned and broken throughout. A different tenant at the apartment said fighting from Olvera’s residence could be heard ‘all night’.

An autopsy revealed the victim’s injuries were consistent with smothering.

Messages back in June 2022 were recovered from a phone showing that Olvera sent messages saying he was ‘full of rage’. Schultz also messaged that she was scared Olvera was going to kill her.

There were also videos recovered that appeared the indicate that the two were fighting. The complaint also mentions a video that appeared to be self-taken by Olvera.

In that video, he apologized to the victim’s mom and dad and said the Marine Corps messed him up. The video was reportedly captured on March 11 at 1:16 a.m.

Authorities spoke to other people involved in the victim’s life who said that Schultz and Olvera’s relationship was ‘toxic’ and that the two would argue with each other. Multiple people described the two’s relationship as not the best.

A detective spoke with someone who was with Olvera the night Schultz was killed. He told authorities that Olvera was drinking and the two talked about the Marine Corps. When asked if Olvera had any PTSD-type issues, the person was not aware of any, and that Olvera was never deployed anywhere and was only enlisted for a short period of time.

Olvera spoke with authorities and said that he got up around noon, took a shower, and started drinking. He said he woke up later in the night and reached over for Schultz only to find her lying on her back on the floor.

He said he didn’t know how Schultz died ‘because he was drunk’. Olvera did say he noticed blood spatter on the wall but wasn’t sure what caused her injuries. He also told authorities that it was only he and Schultz in the residence that night and the doors were locked.

Olvera is charged with the following:

  • First Degree Intentional Homicide
    • Felony
    • Life in prison
  • First Degree Reckless Endangering Safety
    • Felony
    • Up to 12 and a half years in prison

Court records show that Olvera’s cash bond was set at $1,000,000 and is due back in court on March 27 and March 30.

No additional information was provided.