BRILLION, Wis. (WFRV) – Brillion High School students are preparing for the opening night of their school musical Working. The 1970’s musical is a series of vignettes that tells the stories of workers from a number of different industries.

“It’s a lot of different stories of different people with extraordinary dreams. There’s a waitress that dreams of being on stage and being herself or a truck driver who can’t come home to his kids and wife,” says senior Brody Kupsky. Kupsky is playing the role of ironworker “Mike Dillard.”

“He believes he should get a lot more credit for what his job is. One of my lines is I talk about a building that I built and how some guy is just sitting in his corner office behind his $5,000 desk and he’s never gonna think about me, but I think about him,” says Kupsky.

Initially, the school musical was going to be Into The Woods, but after a hectic beginning to the school year, administrators thought Working would be more fitting this year.

“With the arts, we reach people in different ways. As actors and storytellers, there’s a story we always need to tell and I think Working tells that. Especially now where we’re in a society where we’re so at polar opposites with everybody,” says Jonathan Kobs, the musical’s director.

Characters in the musical range from millworkers to flight attendants to housewives. Junior Lauren Nicklaus is playing the role of “Kate Rushton.”

“I’m a housewife and a stay-at-home mom and I feel like I’m under-appreciated by everybody, because what I do doesn’t really matter to anybody outside of my own little family. I’m really grateful we get to do this and I hope that other people can appreciate all the hard work we’ve put in,” says Nicklaus.

The musical will be a live, in-person show with a limited audience of approximately 150 people. Working opens on April 22 and will run until May 2. For more information on Brillion High School’s production of Working, click here.