BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials with the Brown County Clerk of Court’s Office are warning Brown County residents about an active, ‘elaborate’ scam that demands money from jurors.

Officials are saying that individuals are posing as law enforcement officers and are calling jurors stating that they have failed to appear for jury duty.

The callers go on to tell the victims that they either have to turn themselves in to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office or pay cash or prepaid gift cards through the mail.

According to Brown County Clerk of Courts John A. Vander Leest, “There is no situation where it would be necessary for jurors to send cash or gift cards for missing jury service.”

Potential jurors should only follow instructions that are sent to them through the mailed summons and juror handbook, officials say.

Anyone who may have been impacted by this scam is asked to contact their local police department. Questions can also be referred to Vander Leest at 920-448-4179.

No other information was provided.