BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Brown County man is lending a helping hand to the victims of the Kentucky flooding.

Mark Gallert is a Red Cross volunteer from the Town of Lawrence who is on a mission to help those in need.

Gallert flew out to Kentucky on Sunday morning to help the hundreds of people who were displaced by the flooding.

According to the Red Cross, the flooding was caused by a strong storm system of storms that resulted in catastrophic flooding around St. Louis, Missouri, and in eastern Kentucky.

The flooding has resulted in hundreds of homes being destroyed, roads being damaged, multiple mudslides occurring, several water systems going down, and more than 23,900 customers losing power.

Due to the severity of this disaster, American Red Cross acted quickly and decided to strap on their boots and get to work.

Red Cross confirmed that they have trained disaster workers on the ground in Missouri and Kentucky, who are providing shelter, food, and comfort to those affected.

And now one of these brave workers is our very own Mark Gallert, who will reportedly be staying in Kentucky for the next two weeks.

“We’ll be checking in, setting up the cots, assigning them the cots, feeding them when they’re in the facility,” shared Gallert.

Gallert has been with the Red Cross for five years and has helped in many places around the U.S. like Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. Gallert says helping others in times of need inspires him to continue doing acts like this.