GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – As President Joe Biden urges Congress to enact a 3-month suspension on the federal gas tax, many Wisconsinites are looking forward to even an ounce of relief.

If a suspension were to happen, people would save 18 cents per gallon.

While it may not seem like much, even the smallest amount off would mean a great deal to Oneida residents Shaun Nemchek and Julia Funmaker. With their nine children, a cheaper cost at the pump means being able to do more activities together.

They say, “It’d help us out greatly. We’d be able to go travel. We’d be able to do a lot more things. Every little bit helps.“

Green Bay resident Curtis Ayres has hopes that one day gas prices will become reasonable again.

He says, “Because it’s gone so high now, we used to complain about $2.50 a gallon, but even that is a big breath of fresh air.”

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Wisconsin’s gas tax is currently 32 cents per gallon. Governor Tony Evers has issued a statewide ban on gas price gouges to prohibit retailers selling gas “at unreasonably excessive prices.”

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the state and federal gas tax money primarily goes toward infrastructure. It is unclear how a suspension would impact those projects.