BROWN Co., Wis. (WFRV)- As the temperatures begin to drop lower, and lower, winter weather is finally coming to Northeast Wisconsin, which means drivers need to prepare to drive in snowier conditions.

Brown County officials released details on Monday, November 29, about smart driving practices people should remember while making their daily commutes.

Brown County Highway Commissioner Paul Fontecchio wanted to bring specific attention to both driving in the snow and driving with snowplows on the road. One of the biggest points Fontecchio wants Brown County members to remember is to be considerate around snowplows. Snowplow drivers have enough concerns regarding other drivers on the road, plow wings, the snow itself, and so much more.

Other drivers do not need to make life harder for crews by trying to be reckless and pass them. You are not in that big of a rush, just be patient with the plows.

And while we talking about driving, before you hit the roads you may want to double-check your cars. The main part of your car you want to look at; your tires. The most important thing your tires need is good traction for commuting on the snowy, and potentially icy, roads.

During any snowy or icy weather, officials say, roads and bridges will get slippery. Plows take two-to-two and half hours for their routes to clear the road, so they cannot maintain the roadways while the weather is actively falling. So remember caution.

An important reminder to be aware of, bridges freeze up more quickly than other roads. This is due to temperature differences caused by the air under the bridges, according to the release. Always practice caution while crossing bridges during this type of weather.