GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) – The day after Thanksgiving has been known as ‘Black Friday,’ but it is also known as ‘Brown Friday.’

“Brown Friday is the same after every holiday, a large number of calls for sewer backups and kitchen sink backups,” said Greg VanLanen, instructor for Fox Valley Technical College.

FVTC has a plumbing apprenticeship program and VanLanen is one of the instructors of the course. He says individuals are signing up as there is a shortage within the field.

“We are getting a lot more people within the course because there is a shortage,” said VanLanen. The staffing shortages can be felt across the board within the industry, which could be extending response times for your plumbing emergency. “The supply stores are running out of the parts that are necessary to make the repairs,” explained Christian Torres, who is a local plumber.

Repair calls on holidays and the days after can hit the upper double digits. To avoid having to make those calls for service, VanLanen says you can’t put everything down the sink drain. “You really want to run a lot of water down the drain.” He also says you shouldn’t put large amounts of food down the garbage disposal. “It can really clog and break the disposal, it’s not for everything,” added VanLanen.

Clogged toilets are also on the service call lists. “The cause of main sewer backups is too much paper down the toilet especially with an older home,” explained VanLanen. He says there are devices that you can purchase at a local hardware store that can help with most plumbing issues.

Freezing turkey or meat grease, before throwing it in the trash can also help you avoid clogging the sink. For more information on the programs available at Fox Valley Technical College, click here.