Brussels Family Rescues Young Deer from Snow

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Penny Price’s Sunday afternoon was interrupted by a surprise visitor: a young deer who made his way to the basement window of her Brussels home.

“He just stood there, it was almost like he was asking for help,” she said.

Price says her kids made noise, spooking the young buck, who ran from the window and then collapsed in the middle of the backyard.

It was then that the family swooped into action.

“I scooped him up and my daughter helped me get him inside the house,” Price said. “I thought it was possibly already dead because it was not moving.”

Price’s daughter and husband warmed towels in the clothes dryer, in a family effort to bring the deer back to life.

“I started doing chest compressions,” Penny said, “and that’s when he really started to come back to life.”

While Price worked to save the deer, her kids stood by and cheered the yearling on, even naming him.

“They started calling him Giannis,” Price said. “And they were cheering, ‘Giannis, Giannis, Come on Giannis!'”

Giannis, named after Milwaukee Bucks star player Giannis Antetokounmpo, began making progress, even eating applesauce through a syringe.

“He actually got up and he started walking and we had pretty good hopes he would make it,” Price said.

Thanks to the family’s efforts, Giannis the deer was alive Monday and was picked up by a DNR official.

Price says that she received some criticism after posting about the life-saving efforts online.

“I had people telling me I should just let him die, or let nature do its thing,” she said. “But I thought with the harshness of our winter, and he didn’t look like he was sick. He just looked like he was injured and malnourished.”

Local 5 has reached out to DNR officials for comment on the deer’s current condition, but we have not yet heard back.

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