CALUMET COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Many Calumet County residents are cleaning up after a storm crashed through their communities Wednesday morning.

One of the hardest hit areas was rural Harrison near the intersection of Highway 55 and Highway 10.

There Local 5 News reporters saw barns with roofs torn off and trees down. Neighbors Local 5 News spoke to off camera said that nobody was hurt.

The owner of one damaged barn said she used it primarily for storage and that nobody was inside when the storm hit.

Harrison Fire Rescue was one of the fire departments responding to storm-related calls Wednesday morning. One of those calls was for a semi that the storm had flipped onto its side. Harrison Fire Chief Jarred Gerl said that nobody was injured.

Gerl said the storm also damaged the Harrison Fire Department. He said when they pulled out the firetruck to respond to storm calls, the wind caught the garage door blowing it off of its frame. He said the garage door then hit a firetruck, but there was only a little bit of damage.

“It was amazing as far as Mother Nature was concerned as far as the heavy rains and the straight line winds,” said Gerl when asked about what the conditions were like when his department responded to the storm. “It came out of nowhere and you could barely see five feet in front of you the rain was coming down so hard and Bc of the heavy rain and the straight line winds there were trees in the road.”

A repair company spent the morning fixing up the garage door.

The storm also reached Sherwood. Local 5 News reporters observed trees on powerlines and We Energies working in the area.

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The storm also damaged a structure attached to a local store in downtown Sherwood. According to Google Maps, the name of the store is Clarence Mueller Co.

Residents of Sherwood and Harrison Local 5 News spoke with said that the storm came through very quickly.