A Brown County judge ordered Cassandra Nygren jailed on a $50,000 cash bond. Brown County law enforcement has been piecing together this case for a while.

“Our investigation started Friday June 2nd ,2017 at approx.4:27 pm when members of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 1500 block in the Village of Allouez and a woman who was believed to be six months pregnant who was unresponsive,” Brown County Chief Deputy, Todd Delain said. 

Investigators determined that the 31-year-old woman, Jennifer Skeen died of a drug overdose by a lethal of Fethanyl which killed her and her unborn child. 

 Investors revealed details of their three month investigation which included a sting operation with Nygren and her boyfriend Shawn Gray. 

” It was through the process of the death investigation that we developed  Mr.Gray and Miss Nygren as persons of interest –the Brown County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with  Brown County Drug Task Force was able to follow-up on leads. ” Delain said. 

Leads that led them to come close to arresting the duo but when police tried to pull them over they sped away. 

“Mr. Gray was driving with Ms.Nygren and her 14 month old child in the vehicle, when he fled from officers,” Delain said. 

Nygren and Gray both face a handful of serious charges including two counts of first degree reckless homicide.