(WFRV) – A recent study done by the CDC showed around 11% of adults in Wisconsin are meeting the recommended amount of fruit and less than 10% are meeting the recommendations for vegetables.

According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than 10% of Wisconsinites are meeting the federal recommendations. The study also examined fruit intake.

The study gathered data and found the median frequency of fruit and vegetable intake amount adults (18-year-old or older).

Here is what the study found for Wisconsin:

Median daily intake frequency% of respondents meeting recommendations
Sample sizeFruitVegetableFruit Vegetable

The study also breaks down each state by sex, age, race/ethnicity and income-to-poverty ratio.

Officials said that fruit and vegetable intake amount U.S. adults remained low in 2019 where only about one in ten adults were meeting either recommendation. The study also mentioned some perceived barriers to consuming fruit and vegetables. One of the aforementioned barriers was cost.

The complete study can be found on the CDC’s website.