Cellcom Donates $100,000 to Bay Beach Generated from Recycled Cell Phones

Local News

It’s a way to give back to the community and also get rid of your unused cell phones.

Cellcom announced a $100,000 Green Gift donation to the Bay Beach Restoration Project – all the money was generated from the community’s old, unwanted cell phones.

The company sends in phones to be recycled, and while some may only add up to 25 cents, they’ve continued saving so they could donate to the Bay Beach project. 

Brighid Riordan of Cellcom says it’s a group effort;

“It’s really a gift that’s from the work of all of our customers bringing in these cell phones and kind of working together and then what’s really cool about it, being a local company, we give it back to the community here.”

There’s still time to donate! From now until the end of February, any old cell phone you drop off at any Cellcom location will be recycled and the money will go right back to the restoration project for Bay Beach. 

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