HARTFORD, Wis. (WFRV) – A woman from Hartford is looking at a possible 60 years in prison after allegedly laundering money and a running wire fraud scheme.

According to authorities, 61-year-old Vicki Berka is facing two charges of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering. The scheme reportedly started around July 14, 2014, and lasted until at least September 26, 2017.

Berka allegedly created a scheme to defraud a business in Milwaukee where she was the Chief Financial Officer. She used bank account login information to embezzle about $2.7 million from Bader Rutter & Associates.

Multiple ACH transfers were made from Bader’s corporate accounts to a bank account that Berka controlled. She reportedly disguised the embezzlement by making false entries in Bader’s general ledger.

If Berka is found guilty of wire fraud she would face a maximum of twenty years in prison for each count. The unlawful monetary transaction charges each carry a maximum of ten years in prison.

No additional information was provided, Local 5 will update this story if more details are released.