APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Appleton Axe in partnership with Appleton Ukrainians is hosting an Axe of Peace charity event which will benefit Chalice of Mercy, Wisconsin’s longest-serving 501c3 nonprofit to provide aid to Ukraine.

Chalice of Mercy was founded in 2007. Appleton Axe will also donate part of the proceeds to the Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in western Maui, which was recently devastated by wildfires but the church was untouched.

Aid will be sent to Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in western Maui, which was unscathed when the wildfire ripped through its town. Officials say everything was torched surrounding the church, but the place of God stood tall and strong.

The Axe of Peace charity event is expected to have a silent auction, an axe-throwing championship with a trophy presentation, and camaraderie.

Local 5 News caught up with Ukrainian artist Ira Vysh, who will be displaying an exhibit of Ukrainian art at Thursday’s event, where she explained why this charity event is so near and dear to her.

“This exhibit is geared toward American people for them to understand Ukraine better and maybe through the art, get to know some of those stories in Ukrainian people so they closer to their heart,” said Vysh.

Those interested in attending Thursday’s event must register online for $50 per person. For more information on Axe of Peace, you can click here.