(WFRV) – The Chamber of Commerce has called the phenomenon the “Great Resignation’, as data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of people quitting has been trending upward since April 2020.

Officials say that job openings, hires and separations have historically tracked each other. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown off this pattern.

Job openings have reached record levels in the past couple of months, and even reached near-record levels in Oct. 2021. The Chamber of Commerce says there are about 1.5 jobs per unemployed worker.

The report showed that the two industries that experienced the most amount of quits were:

  • Accomodation and Food Services
  • Retail Trade

The government and finance/insurance industries experienced the least amount of quits.

Wisconsin ranked 32nd with an overall quit rate of 2.7% and 19th with 759,000 total quits. New York came in at 51st (the lowest) with a 1.8% quit rate.

The complete report can be found on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.