Championship Team Gives Back to Alma Mater Through Scholarships, Mentorships

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Friday was a trip back in time for alumni from a private high school in our area.

What was known as Premontre High School from 1955 to 1989 is now Notre Dame Academy.

40 years later the building and the name has changed, but for these teammates the faces remain the same.

“We were taking a tour and they asked if everybody was okay walking upstairs, so we’re all feeling our age,” says championship team alumnus Bill Anders. “But it’s wonderful to be back.”

But this isn’t your typical reunion.

The team from 1978 have started a scholarship fund for current students.

“We discovered there were an awful lot of very successful teammates, some have been CFOs of large international public companies, lawyers, doctors,” says team alumnus David Weigman.  “And we just decided there was more to just helping the school then just giving money.”

In addition the team will be providing mentorship to those students receiving a scholarship.

Helping them apply to colleges, building their resumes and teaching them basic life skills is all part of the program.

“I think it was really important to us because a lot of the guys on the team – it was difficult for parents to afford the school back then,” says Anders. “Certainly tuition was much cheaper then, but we wanted to get someone else a chance that we had. We love the school, we love the community, it meant the world to us and we want to pay that forward.”

They’re hoping as the school’s demographic diversifies so will the type of student who receives attention for more than just athletic ability.

“We’re looking more for those kids who like to play all sports, who are good in school, but try hard, who want to work a summer job. Do the things we did to become successful,” says Weigman.   

The 1978 Premontre team also donated  a touchscreen to be placed in the school commons area which will display school news and highlight academic and athletic achievements of students past and present.

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