Cheesy Scarf Going Strong After Four Years

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A cheesy product made in Green Bay by volunteers is in its fourth year of production. Kris Schuller reports the “cheesy scarf” – whose sales benefit an area shelter – is still sought after by people worldwide.

Inside the New Community Shelter volunteers are hard at work, making a product which its creator still can’t believe, is being bought by people across the globe.

“We are in every state in the nation, 19 different countries, we’re in China, Japan, Iraq, Africa, it is amazing,” said Kari Watt of the New Community Shelter.

Watt invented the “cheesy scarf“ for the 2014 Packers season, as a fundraiser for the shelter where she works.  She made 70 scarves to get things started.  But in the first week, she received some 7,000 orders.

“It took off incredibly, insane, it was scary,” said Watt. 

While the scarf has seen some design changes over the last 4 years. 

“We started with the cheddar cheese and then we moved to the marble cheese and kind of liked the marbled look,” said one volunteer.

One constant is the way the fringe is cut, the holes are added.  And the work is done by volunteers, much of it by hand.

“Our volunteers are our right and left arm, they are amazing, we couldn’t do what we do in this facility without them,” Watt said.

“It is such a great cause. The New Community Shelter does so many things for so many people that are in need,” said Volunteer Terry Smith.

Selling for $10 each, these scarves have generated much needed revenue for the shelter.

“This is year four and we’re at over $300,000 in sales,” said Watt.

And as the holidays approach more scarves are being made for the bump in Christmas sales that happens every year.  As people order this unique gift that brings joy. 

“They are fun, a great stocking stuffer, they are unique,” Watt said.

But also helps build a better community.

If you’d like to purchase a cheesy scarf follow this link.

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