APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – One Wisconsin organization is doing its part in helping Santa deliver presents. Members of the Children’s Giving Christmas Tree are planning to provide Christmas gifts to those who need them most. 

“You never know what people are struggling with, you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. It makes a big difference when you don’t know what’s impacting people,” said Becky Ricker.

Ricker is a member of the Children’s Giving Christmas Tree, and her children are joining her as she wraps presents for those less fortunate. Ricker says it is important for her children to be aware of their good fortune.  

“I like to teach my children that there are other people that need things and that everything doesn’t just always come to you, that it’s good to give back to our community,” said Ricker. 

The nonprofit organization was started 13 years ago by Bonnie Manske and Vicki Hermans, and it specializes in providing Christmas gifts for those in need. Children’s Giving Tree member Jeanne Laux says she is thankful to be a part of the organization. 

“Children who maybe won’t have a wonderful Christmas now get a wonderful Christmas, Bonnie and Vicki work tirelessly all year long to support our community and to support the children in our community that are in need of a little extra,” stated Laux. 

This year the organization will provide gifts for cancer patients. Manske and Hermans say Christmas is the season of giving, “The children’s giving tree means the world to Boonie and I, the children being ill shouldn’t have to go through this and the parents shouldn’t have to go through it either,” stated Hermans.  

“We want them to not think of that elephant in the room, but to be happy, and it all plays a big part in giving,” said Manske. 

The nonprofit plans to deliver gifts to those receiving them prior to Christmas.