GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-Green Bay Community Church wanted to help those who are suffering because of what’s happening in Ukraine.Through previous events they had done, they have seen how food can bring people together and give people a sense of belonging. 

On Sunday, they hosted a bake sale to help those in Ukraine.

One of the people who contributed to the bake sale was Esther Palomino Munoz de la Espada who is from Neenah. She is originally from Spain and said she’s devastated by what she is seeing unfold in Eastern Europe.

Palomino Munoz de la Espada baked 13 loaves of bread, wrapping each one up with a yellow and blue ribbon.

“I wanted to do even more and my husband was saying that that’s not realistic and I said you got to be idealistic you got to push yourself,” she said.

In addition to the bread she baked for the bake sale, she also purchased about a dozen loaves. She said she was going to hand out the bread to her neighbors and encourage them to donate to Ukraine like she has.

“My hope is that they get help from all over the world because they are fighting for all of us,” she said.

She’s one of hundreds of people who contributed to the bake sale. Parishioners, community members, and church administrators brought in loaves of bread. They then sold the bread for $10 per loaf and will donate the money they raise to World Central Kitchen which is on the ground in Eastern Europe providing food for those affected by the conflict.

“Just to know that you can have an impact all the way across the world hopefully that brings you a little peace,” said Kathryn Kroll who is the Leadership Development Specialist at Green Bay Community Church.

“It’s been a bit of an emotional morning,” said Kroll.

An emotional morning not only for those with the church but all the people who contributed.

“It’s impossible not to be moved by the fates of all the people who are suffering,” said Palomino Munoz de la Espada.

Green Bay Community Church tells us that they are going to give the bread that wasn’t sold at the bake sale Sunday to local businesses to sell. The businesses will then send the money back to the church who will donate it to World Central Kitchen