City of Green Bay Offers Emergency Flood Loan Program, Opens up 211 for Residents

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Agencies throughout Green Bay are helping residents that are affected by the East River flooding.

The City is using 211  a comprehensive source of local and human services that provide information all throughout the United States.

City officials say they will inspect homes and give residents tips on how to clean up from the flood damage. They have also launched a program to help victims with the financial impact of flooding;

The other thing the City of Green Bay has done is they have set up emergency flood loan program that depending on the qualifications that you can apply for and get some financial assistance for some of these people that would need that financial assistance, says Paul Van Calster, Green Bay’s Chief Building Official. 

To be eligible for the program residents will be required to obtain flood insurance, complete an application and meet the income qualifications of the program.

Eligible Upgrades: 

  • Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Flood Damage Remediation
Family SizeMax IncomeFamily SizeMax Income
  • Loan amount is based on the homeowners’ immediate flood insurance deductible.
  • Home value cannot exceed $152,000 (1 unit), $195,000 (2 unit), $236,000  (3 unit)
  • Flood insurance is required if located in 100-year floodplain for the life of the loan. 


  • Minimum loan $2,000
  • Zero interest for the life of the loan
  • Payments are deferred as long as you live in the home
  • Personal guarantee required for all loans

Loan Applications: 

  • Applications  are accepted first come, first serve
  • All applications must be completed to be accepted. 

To apply, please contact Kevin King at 920-448-3402.

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