CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Clintonville Riverside Golf Course owners were left to pick up the pieces after the man you can see here burglarized their pro shop and restaurant and made off with cash and their entire pro shop cash register.

Stacy Hooyman, the owner of the course said, “The suspect entered through a window which costs us, we lost more in the amount of the window than what the suspect got out of the property.”

It was here on a remote part of this golf course that the suspect that the suspect took the pro shop cash register to break into it without getting caught.

“The register out of the pro shop he removed from the pro shop and took that out on the course where he broke into it and then the one in the restaurant it opened up on him,” said Hooyman.

The Clintonville Police are looking for any leads that tie this case in Waupaca County to a string of similar cases across the state in Shawano, Dodge and Fond Du Lac counties.

Chief Craig Freitag, Clintonville Police Department said, “Well at this point we are not 100% positive it is connected with others in the state. Ours occurred in the first part of June.”

The department said they are working with other jurisdictions in order to bring all the victims justice.

“We have been in phone contact with them, sharing information, sharing any leads that they have, that we have and just trying to compare our notes at this point,” said Freitag.

“It’s just an invasion of our privacy,” said Hooyman. “You just feel violated in the sense that he came onto our property and took what wasn’t his.”

Stacy Hooyman and her husband are asking anyone with information to come forward and call the Clintonville Police Department at 715-823-3117.